Welcome to Medley Pots

Creel & lobster pot manufacturers.

Medley Pots have been manufacturing creels and lobster pots for
a very long time, over 40 years to be precise. This means that we
know a thing or two about what fishermen need from the
products that their livelihoods depend on.

We are a family business and pride ourselves on manufacturing
high quality, excellent creels at a competitive price. From frames
to fully rigged pots we can supply quickly and efficiently
anywhere in Europe. What’s more, our fully rigged pots come
complete with all the essentials, frame complete with soft eyes,
bucket entrances, roping, rubbering, door hook and bait bags.

N.B. The price we quote is a fully rigged price with no hidden
extras. i.e. no extra charge for baitbags, soft eyes, roping,
rubbering and door hook. Bucket entrances on top entry parlour
pots also included.